Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked lots of questions everyday. From queries about breaking into cars through to how to make a home more secure. Here we have created a list of the most frequently asked questions we receive from customer.  To make it easier for our customers we have listed many of the common ones below.  If you have another question please contact us, we are always happy to answer them and offer free advice.

Q:  What is a Locksmith?

A locksmith is a professional who has received training in one or more phases of locksmithing. They perform various services including making keys and locks, key cutting and installing security systems including alarms.

Q:  Do Locksmiths need qualifications to operate in Melbourne?

Yes. Locksmiths need to have a form of training in the trade and they must also have a legal license to operate as a locksmith.

Q:  How Do I Choose A Good Locksmith?

Look for the following characteristics:
– Has a valid license
– Has a good reputation
– Has received positive feedback from previous customers

Q:  What is Key Cutting?

This is the process of cutting keys to a particular shape for new locks or in order to duplicate a particular key.

Q:  What is A Dead Lock?

This is a lock that can only be opened by a key since the open position can only be attained by rotating the lock cylinder using a key. This prevents entry into your premises without the correct key.

Q:  I’ve Lost My Car Keys, Can You Help?

Yes. We have professionals who can unlock the car without causing any damage to it. We can also provide you with new locks and new keys for your car.

Q:  Should I Change Locks After Buying A New Home?

Yes. Most probably, the former tenants gave key duplicates to people they trust. To be on the safe side and prevent unauthorized entry into your home, change the locks. If you do not want to change the locks, you have an option of re-keying. A new set of keys will be provided and the original keys will not be able to open your locks.

Q:  Is It Worth Getting Digital Keyless Locks For My House?

Yes it is. Digital keyless locks have many advantages compared to the traditional locks. You only need to know your code to gain entry into your home. You thus won’t have problems of lost keys and you will be able to control who gets into your home.

Q:  How Much Does A Locksmith Cost?

The cost of service depends on the type of service you require. However, we offer reasonable and affordable prices for all our professional services.

Q:  Do You Have An Emergency Service?

Yes. We know emergencies can occur at any time and that is why we have our technicians on standby 24 hours a day. You can call us at any time and we will be able to help you with whatever lock or key situation you have.

Q:  What Are Your Operating Hours?

We operate from 09.00 to 17:00.


If you would like a quote visit our home page and fill in your information and details about your job. We look forward to seeing you soon.